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10 Chủ Đề Nói Tiếng Anh B1 Vstep Thường Gặp Ở Part 1

Đối với học viên luyện thi tiếng anh B1 B2 Vstep cấp tốc, chọn chủ đề nói tiếng Anh phù hợp sẽ giúp các thí sinh luyện NÓI tiếng Anh B1 B2 và ghi nhớ từ vựng đã được học hiệu quả nhất. Các chủ đề thường có trong ĐỀ thi Tiếng anh Vstep của Bộ GĐ & ĐT.
Luyện Thi Tiếng Anh B1 Đảm Bảo Đậu Ở Đâu Uy Tín

I. About you 

1/ My name’s .......
2/ I’m a teacher / engineer/doctor/police/nurse/accountant/student 

What do you teach? Which subject do you teach? 

I'm Teaching(mathematics,physics,chemistry,literature,history,geography,biology,music, economics,physical education,psychology,informatics,technology). 

Teaching primary ,secondary,high school. 

Nursery school : mam non,kindergarten : truong mau giao 

3/ My daily activities are : working , caring for my family,watching TV after dinner...One of my daily habits/routine : wake up at 6am and do physical exercise / do fitness to keep fit in the gym near my home/ cook breakfast for my family ,sleep at 10pm/ take my children to school and pick her up after school,drink beer with my friend after working... 

4/I have a strong point : I’m friendly and kind to help other people.I’m a patient person and can work under high pressure. I’m a good cook . I’m a careful and hard working person, I always stays late after work .I’m rather serious and sensitive ( nghiem tuc va nhay cam) , I can quickly catch up psychology of other people. I like dealing with difficult problems. I’m so capable . I can do anything. I’m very reserved,I never talks about my feeling with anyone. 

5/I think I’m good at doing mental work ,because I’m a ....., and I has worked for .... Years in this field. 

6/ I think that care and patience is the most important . Being strict witt myself is the most important thing .I’m definitive and ambitious in life ,for me this is the most important which brings me success in my career. 

7/ I’m living in..... I live with ..... my parent/my husband.... 

II. Clothes 

1/ My favourite kind of clothes are : vintage clothes, classic style ,casual clothes , ,smart clothes, dress ,long-skirt mix shirt or vest.I regularly update fashion trends ,I take pride in one’s appearance ,so I have a sense of style / I dress up trendy. 

2/Depending on my mood ,I often buy new clothes for myself in Sunday every week ,because in that day,I’m off ,sometime , 1 month 2 or 3 times. Or whenever I like ,I’m free . 

3/ I often buy new clothes in fashion shops or supermarket or market ,sometime ,I order new clothes through fashion pages on facebook 

Because it’s fast , save time , you should provide your weight and your height,shops online will ship to you .It’s very convenient. 

In fashion shops or supermarket ,I can try new clothes and I can choose the type of clothes I like,beside clothes in the shops is better and more beautiful in the market or supermarket. However The price in fashion shops will be much higher than the supermarket.I personally think that it worth it. 

Clothes sold at the market are much cheaper than the fashion shops or Spm. 

4/ yes,I do .when I was a child ,I had to wear a school uniform everyday. 

I usually wear a uniform when attending a performance in the workplace/ during the company’s anniversary. 

5/ AD is kind of traditional clothes in my place, In Vietnam ,teacher and high school students have to wear AD in their school. In celebration days or memories days of university or company , In the beauty contest of my place , contestant have to spend the ao dai test 

6/ I like ready-to-wear clothes ,because , I just try to wear and pay money for clothes that I like .You can go shopping and choose ,it’s very exciting feeling. 

I like tailor-made clothes , I’m a little fat ,so it is difficult for me to choose ready-to-wear clothes . 

7/ no,I don’t ,because I’m getting old ,so I think to wear the same clothes as my best friend only suitable for young people . In a friend meeting ,wearing the same clothes ,take many pictures with together ,save the beautiful moment,up Fb,zalo .That is the trend of youth. 

III. Education 

1/I will graduate in..... ,I’m final year student 

2/My major in the college/university is ..... 

3/ Yes ,I would but not now .In the present ,I want to find a full time job about my major . when I have money anymore,I will study to have another degree. 

4/yes ,I ‘m .I’m taking E/yoga,dance,cooking,swim,tennis... course to improve my E skill /my healthy 

5/ I think I take part in E course to develop......,E club to get the experience of the members. Speak only E in class and to try to use E whenever possible outside the class 

6/ Yes 

IV. Family and Friend 

1/ There are ....( four,five,three,six ..) people in my family . My parent ,My husband(wife) ,my daughter (son) ,my sister (brother) and me . 

2/ I look like my mother( father).... 

3/ My mother (father...) is the most important person to me. 

4/ Yes ,I do .Because I want to take care of my family. 

5/ My best friend ‘s name ....., .....years old ,He(she) is a ......He(she) is humorous person ( helpful person). 

6/I often meet my friends over the weekend or when I’m free 

V. Health 

1/ you can mix up to two spoons honey with warm water and lemon and then You drink it or you can also simply eat the honey by the spoonful or spread it on bread for a snack. 

2/ I often do exercise every morning ,eat more vegetables ,drink a lot of water,no smoking , don’t drink alcohol.... 

3/ I do exercise everyday ( every morning). 

4/People in my city ( town..) often do exercise every morning to keep fit,go on diet 

5/ I think people should have smoothies,vitamin,fruit juice ,soup,fresh produce.... 

6/ yes,I do. I know social insurance and health insurance/car/motor/accident/life in my country. 

VI. Like and Dislikes 

1/ At the present ,I like shopping with my friends / drinking beer with my friends/sleeping at home/listening music/reading book/ cooking food for my family/going to the coffee shop/go fishing ....go around the park 

2/when I was young ,I liked playing games..... 

3/My favourite of the week is Sunday because I’m free on that day ,I can sleep more than other days of the week/wake up late/I have time to do what I like/I’m often lucky on that day 

4/my favorite colour is black ,red,yellow,blue ,purble .because it symbolizes power and luxury, /victory and strong/brilliant light/faith and hope /faithful love 

5/yes I do .I like bolero music so I often listen any bolero music 

6/I like/enjoy bolero/pop/jazz/r&b/edm/ballad music 

7/ My favourite singer is Dam vinh hung/le quyen....Because he is so handsome or she is so beautiful 

VII. leisure

1/In my free time ,I often/usually ......( play badminton,listened to music,watch movies,read books ,hang out with my friends..) 

2/ I usually spend my free time with my friends/ family/childs/husband/wife.. 

3/In my country ,the common leisure activities depend on each person’s hobbies,however ,watch music show in stadium or theatre and watch comedy in famous stages, playing sports,eat in restaurant with my friends... 

4/I watch TV in every night /I don’t usually watch Tv because I’m very busy for my work 

5/My favourite TV prog is music,film/the voice/the face and comedy 

6/when I have free time or whenever I like 

7/I like novels,science book,detective story,comic,newspaper,magazine.. 

8/recently,I read detective conan story,I feel very good and attractive .It’s so amazing/interesting/useful 

VIII. The internet 

1/ I usually the In for reading new,chatting with my friends on zalo,shopping onlines,send and read emails ,learn and discovery new things 

2/yes I do,I learn cooking food on In/English.. 

3/I use the In whenever I’m free during a day 

4/ I think that is very good for teacher and pupil or students 

5/near sightedness ,addicted to social networks... 

6/ no I don’t ,because I’m not free time ,I’m very busy for my work/that isn’t my hobby 

IX. Travelling 

1/ yes ,I do ,because that is my hobby /no ,I don’t ,because I haven’t free time /I don’t have enough money 

2/I often visit for a short holiday in countryside near my place 

3/because I’m very busy for my work ,so in holidays in the years as tet holidays , summer holidays ,I go on holidays 

4/I really like to go on holiday at seaside or foreign or places with cool air like dalat city in the future 

5/No I haven’t/Yes I have/ I really like to visit Canada or europe because I like watching snow fall in the winter / because I’m very busy for my work ,I haven’t free time to go anywhere 

6/ I often travel with my family/friends.. 

X. Work

1/ I have worked my job for a long time ( ten,six,thirteen years) 

2/ My workplace is a big building or big hospital in Tg province/ big school .... 

3/ My best colleague ‘name .... His/her characteristics is humour ,he/she is a good person and hard work .In Life ,we can share anything . 

4/ One interesting in my work is my table work near windows ,I can sight seeing ....near air condition ,I always feel very cool ,my workplace near my home so I can wake up late than my colleague. 

5/ I would like to change my boss ,because he is very strick ,she is single lady although she is older ,so she is very strick,rarely she smiled at us all 

6/I like working in groups because ,my colleagues are very good and nice 

7/ I like working for a big company ,of course ,besides you will learn many things.The working environment is better than the small company. 

Luyện Thi Tiếng Anh B1 B2 Vstep Cấp Tốc Đảm Bảo Đậu

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